Data protection policy of The Finnish Association of Maritime History

Name and contact information of record holding body:
Suomen merihistoriallinen yhdistys r.y.
PL 134, 00171 Helsinki
Contact person: member secretary Johanna Aartomaa,
Purpose and ratinale for retaining personal data:
Association membership registry and association event enrollment.
Registry data content:
Membership register: Name, postal address, email address, membership fee history.
Event enrollment:
Contact information and necessary information on participation.
Register data sources:
Personal information collected directly from association members.
Transfer and forwarding of data:
Data will not be forwared or transferred to third parties.
Register data protection:
All register data processing is done with due care. Data is protected with necessary best practices.
Rights of the registrees:
All registrees have the right to inspect the data on them respectively and to demand correction if necessary. Register data corrections are to be submitted to the association in written form. Identity checks are performed as needed.